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Gentle and Free

‘We don’t ever see you anymore!’  I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, because when hospital staff see me these days, they often start off with that comment.  It’s hard for me not to smile and reply, “that’s a good thing.”

And a good thing it has been.  I’m continuing my streak of being clear from the hospital, surgeries, and infections.  I have finally had a good stretch of time to build some strength, increase my energy, and improve my walking.  I hope that my days as a professional inpatient are over. Did I just jinx myself?

Last week I began exercising in the pool. I had been delaying for some time, waiting for the metal frame to come off my arm, but I grew restless.  Luckily I didn’t sink, although i was worried how I would do with the anchor drilled into my arm. Swimming feels great, but without legs and only one arm free, it’s hard to control myself from floating off like a bottle in the sea.  The feeling though is gentle and free, and I don’t mind going where the waters take me.

My walking has progressed slowly. 99% of the steps I take are solid, and don’t require assistance, but Read more