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Zoom Zoom

Who needs feet to drive? …Apparently not me!

Renting a car with hand controls is actually as easy as renting one without. It was driving it that was the difficult part. But, after two moving violations and a few squished squirrels, I was cruising around in style like Mario Andretti –just kidding. Honestly though, manipulating the vehicle through hand controls has been relatively simple, and hopefully by the end of July I should have modifications made to my own car. This will be a huge step in regaining my independence. At 26, the permanent-chaperon thing gets old quite fast.

I am half way through my trip to New York and have already gone from Westchester to Ithaca and back, followed by Manhattan, and a quick visit to my sister’s graveside in Long Island. I watched a perfect sunset at one of her favorite places, and made a quick detour to the ocean. The wheelchair didn’t seem to enjoy moving through sand, so (*determined to feel the water), I hopped down and dragged myself down the sand dune and across the beach until I was sitting in the waves up to my chest.  The water is still cold, and I don’t advise crawling across a beach in wet shorts unless you want sand everywhere…. And I mean EVERYWHERE…or so I’ve heard 😉

It was great to hear from so many of you this weekend. As always, thank you for caring.  I hope that, through my story, this Memorial Day was a bit more solemn for a few more Americans.  That doesn’t mean not to have fun.  After all, those who have sacrificed so much for this great country, did it to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy. (like driving) If I had the opportunity, I would give more so that my loved ones can light fireworks, drink beer, dance, swim, play sports, watch TV, or invest in Facebook, all without having to face the evils in this world.  Do enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted, as THAT is the reason why many have sacrificed.  But while we do, always remember the brave men and women who have given their lives defending your rights and who have kept America the wonderful (not perfect, but wonderful) country that it is.