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Many have asked for Greg’s mailing address in order to send cards or packages. All mail should be sent to:

Greg Galeazzi
Vanderbilt Box 062
107 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115-5750

Greg Galeazzi
Vanderbilt Mail Center (Box 062)
107 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115-5750


Other Ways to Contribute

Hero Miles

Please consider donating any airline miles that might otherwise go unused to the Hero Miles program. This program helps to fly loved ones anywhere they need to be in order to visit and care for their wounded warrior.

Fisher House

The Fisher House provides a “home away from home” for the families of wounded veterans as they recover. The homes are in close proximity to the wounded warrior’s hospital or rehabilitation center, allowing for frequent visits and convenient care.

Write Your Congressional Representative

It is extremely important to remind our political leaders that they have an obligation to provide ample care and benefits to our service members, especially those like Greg who have sacrificed so much in our country’s name. Our elected leaders can and should do more to ensure that additional funding is provided for the research and development of advanced prosthetic devices.

Tell your representative about Greg’s story and that our government should be doing more to promote and develop the next generation of prosthetics for our wounded veterans.

Special Thanks

The Galeazzi family would like to offer their special thanks to a few individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond in supporting Greg during this difficult time.

  • Bill White, Constellations Group
  • Terri Cooper and the entire Deloitte Consulting organization
  • Tish Stropes and the Fisher House Organization
  • Larry Pace of Glastonbury, CT and the Blackledge Country Club
  • Jim Tommins and Sticks For Soldiers
  • Loyola University Alumni