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New Year and New Surgery

I started the new year off in typical Greg style… with a surgery!  I feared I was beginning to lose touch with my own sense of personal identity without a monthly operation in December.  I mean, things just wouldn’t be the same without getting stabbed with needles, pumped full of chemicals, prodded by nurses, and chopped with knives like a piece of sushi.  So, after some deep thought, and a fabulous display of acting, I convinced the surgeons to open me up once again.  And so, as the Propofol entered my veins, spreading an intense burning through my hand, I began to fade into unconsciousness. I smiled to myself, and thought, ‘ah, it’s good to be me again.’

Just Kidding.  To be honest, surgery was the LAST thing I wanted to do at the start of 2014.  But, this operation was one that we had intentionally put off.  Originally scheduled for December, I decided to push the procedure back to January, so that it wouldn’t interfere with my classes. The procedure was pretty simple as far as surgeries go.  Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery were working to revise some scarring on my leg and chest.  Some of the older scars had become tighter than the surrounding skin, which caused irritation.  Most notably, the scar along my left thigh would blister after prolonged use of my prosthesis.  So, last Friday, I went through the needle poking, chemical pumping, nurse prodding, and knife chopping once again.  The surgeons were pleased with the results, and as far as my history goes, it went pretty smoothly.

Planning to go home Friday evening, I was dismayed to learn that I’d have to spend a night in the hospital for monitoring.   Read more